“My beautiful girls, finally, come of age.” She took each of them into her hands and kissed their foreheads, placing a freshly picked lotus flower into each of their hands, the aroma of it wafting into their faces. Each of them kissed her on the cheek, they saw the tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Phuong felt her heart swell with love, though they argued she knew her mother loved her, she had raised all three of them alone and here she was, ushering them into a new, full womanhood. She felt overwhelmed with emotion and senses, her mind beginning to race with all that could possibly go wrong, frightened of the voice and darkness in her mind that always threatened to rise. She breathed and focused on the soft petals in her hands and held her head up high, nodding at the old, crooked backed woman standing across from them.Her hair hung loose and long, it was straight and shone white like moonbeams, she wore a robe that shimmered gold and silver, signifying her as the Wise Woman. The Wise Woman was a leader of all ceremonies in their town, she not only knew all of their history, she was apart of it. She knew the ancient language and would pass down lore, magic, and wisdom to her successor.